You Might Be A Porch Monkey | But you don’t have to be.

The phrase “You Might Be A Porch Monkey” as coined by the Sugar Free Coach, Andrea Raquel is not based on race, color, nationality or sexual orientation. It is simply put a person who spends all their time sitting around watching others do things they are afraid to do while heckling them and trying to tear them down. Or a person who is given great opportunities and squanders them because they are selfish and manipulative, not realizing they are only sabotaging themselves. People who blame others for their every mistake and everything they do not have.

You might be a porch monkey, but if you don’t want to stay that way you’ve come to the right place.

Embrace your hateraid, understand why you have jealous tendencies, accept that you tend to gossip and criticize others while doing nothing of importance or to help.

Knowing is half the battle and once you accept it, you can begin to change your mind and therefore change your habits.


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