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You Might Be A Celebrity Porch Monkey

This is not a post for wannabe celebs, demi celebs, and talented entrepreneurs. You are already working towards your next level, hopefully. But if you have been working in film, music and/or major entertainment industry as a recognizable name and you’re complaining about what someone is keeping you from, you might be a porch monkey. Stop wasting your royalties on keeping up with the status quo and invest it in your exit strategy.

Everyone falls on hard times at some point, but if you have a known brand, you have value. If you have a well-known name and you have income, what are you waiting for? Quit your crying and really become an entrepreneur already. You’ve lived your dream, now it’s time to do some work. Get out of the way and pave it for others. You can’t be the talent forever, at some point you have to add another level to your achievement that isn’t all about you.

Teach, invest, build, grow and leave a legacy that goes beyond a nice head shot or a song. So to all washed up singers, talk show hosts, actors, anchors, producers, and hunky sex symbols it’s time for you to let go and accept two things. 1. The fact that you are the stars of yesterday and 2. the only way for you to shine brighter than before is to build opportunities for those following your lead. Seriously stop taking pay cuts to be in movies and commercials that should go to new talent. Stop producing movies with the same old cast members… and for God’s sake stop getting on television and crying to what’s left of your fan base about why you can’t accomplish your next goal. The biggest challenge to long term stability for rappers is the fact that their audiences grow up. There are people building companies, inventions and technology with nothing. Surely you can take your name  and royalty checks and start a company teaching and investing in people in your industry.

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