#LivingSugarFree for Christians

Many church folks focus on legalism because it’s easier than focusing on love. God is more concerned with your hate than he is with your hem line. If we obey every single commandment except love, we have failed.

Think about it. The hard thing is dealing with humans. How are you obeying God’s command to love???

If life is 20% what happens and 80% how we respond to it… well retaliation, pay back, revenge, or otherwise reacting to being wronged is what really holds you back. Let it go! And by let it go I don’t mean pretend it didn’t bother you and ignore the culprit. On the inside you are seething. I mean let it go by seeing the good in the situation as an opportunity for you and/or your offenders to learn and grow.

Deuteronomy 30:16 NIV

For I command you today to love the Lord your God, to walk in obedience to him, and to keep his commands, decrees and laws; then you will live and increase, and the Lord your God will bless you in the land you are entering to possess.

If I offend you, bless your heart ’cause I don’t care. If you offend me I’m going to love you anyway, ’cause I don’t care. I seek God’s approval not man’s.
Get the lesson on how you may be sabotaging your happiness here…

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#LivingSugarFree Delicious Klout Perks from Hersheys and Ricola | I promised a follow-up.

On December 12th I posted a video that included my perks from @Klout. I got a whole box of cough drops from @Ricola (in a talking box), the regular and extra strength, and a jar of Hershey’s chocolate spread. I joked in the video about not needing the drops and not eating the spread. I promised to follow up to prove to everyone that I was not going to get sick this winter.

Well it’s now February and as promised I did not eat the entire jar of chocolate spread; but I have indulged a bit. It is almost three quarters of the way full… I don’t need to prove it with pictures do I? I only ask because the comments from the recipients of the Klout perk were basically saying that they opened the package and ate the whole jar with no utensils. I believe them, it is that good. But as I said, I am a trained professional and you should not try this at home if you are addicted to sugar… and most of you are. I have had it on toast, crackers and popcorn so far. It’s fun to just see what it will taste good on.

As for the Ricola, I did use them, quite a bit. I kept them in my pocket and every time someone started hacking around me I whipped out a couple and gave my speal about choosing the natural option and avoiding sugar until they were better. My sister @SimplyDenise also gave me the idea to drop one in a cup of hot tea, and it was a hit. Just the right amount of sweet and a nice menthol kick to open up your sinus (peppermint tea and we also add garlic and lemon). Then guess what, they sent me more, with a little travel tin. I still have two whole bags of cough drops.

So a special shout out to Klout (I talk bad about the reporting, but the perks are oh so awesome). Shout out to Hershey’s even though you tried to take me out this winter, I enjoyed and am still enjoying this lovely treat. But mad props and big ups to Ricola for making me the feel better fairy and not just the soap box preacher. I will probably buy more and keep the tradition going since I have a little carry box now.

If this was even remotely funny to you, watch the video and see my mom, sister and I carry on about that darn jar of chocolate. It’s already in stores and luckily it’s not cheap. So if you dare, just remember moderation for your health and your budget… and for those who don’t really know what moderation is, that’s no more than a teaspoon at a time.

#ThrowbackThursday Before The Internet

I thought it would be funny. Silence, the sound of not hearing my opinion, getting shout outs or feeling the #LivingSugarFree love oozing from the other side of the world (as in before the Internet).

I was 35 in 2007 when I set out to build a brand online. Before that I had only done desktop publishing, worked with company clouds and communicated with tech savvy friends via chat. Bankers were not encouraged to use the Internet for business beyond research. Even in as an Army Public Affairs Specialist my work was within the Intranet.

Now a simple light hearted post has turned into a blog. Because as a researcher I had to document the experience. I make a point of not having a mobile phone surgically attached to me, so I am perhaps less likely to go long periods of time being totally unplugged. I never feel the need to unplug because I only ever feel semi-plugged in. I’m also a bit of an introvert so digital communication is my comfort zone.
Of course I did my normal unplug, peeking here and there after the third hour. Then I put on a Netflix movie (via Internet) because I can only focus with background noise or when multitasking. After realizing what was going on, I started this blog (via Internet because I wasn’t going to write it then upload, that’s an extra step I eliminated long ago). It occured to me, I often unplug from social media but unplugging from the Internet totally, that’s another story. It was a real challenge because I’m so connected and efficient.

It just reinforced my theory that it is all about the people, community, society… not the technolog y itself. The media puts the focus on technology as do the experts and industry folks selling hardware, apps and cloud space. But the reason I had trouble unplugging is because I had not intended to unplug from humanity today. I have those days and ironically they are not Internet free either because those are the best days to dig deep into technology tasks.

It really wasn’t a throwback to before the Internet after all (before somedia maybe) and I hope I never really have to. Is technology making us less social? I can only speak for myself, but the answer is a resounding no. The last 12 hours of silence is how social I was before the Internet… cricket, cricket, cricket.

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Is The LIKE Button Issue An Experiment? | This is How We Keep It Movin

Is The LIKE Button Issue An Experiment? | Keepin It Movin

Hmmm… is the FB LIKE button issue an experiment?

Ain’t nobody got time for that or making them the topic of my social stream, so I’ll just use other media today.

Poof! Technology doesn’t define me either.
Xee ya around the net. I will be using Trust Cloud, Connect.me, LinkedIn, Empire Avenue, G+, and even Klout to show love to my network and influencers this week for their great content and engagement. There are always multiple ways to work around technology. It is to be a tool for convenience not to dictate my schedule or engagement.

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You Might Be A Celebrity Porch Monkey

This is not a post for wannabe celebs, demi celebs, and talented entrepreneurs. You are already working towards your next level, hopefully. But if you have been working in film, music and/or major entertainment industry as a recognizable name and you’re complaining about what someone is keeping you from, you might be a porch monkey. Stop wasting your royalties on keeping up with the status quo and invest it in your exit strategy.

Everyone falls on hard times at some point, but if you have a known brand, you have value. If you have a well-known name and you have income, what are you waiting for? Quit your crying and really become an entrepreneur already. You’ve lived your dream, now it’s time to do some work. Get out of the way and pave it for others. You can’t be the talent forever, at some point you have to add another level to your achievement that isn’t all about you.

Teach, invest, build, grow and leave a legacy that goes beyond a nice head shot or a song. So to all washed up singers, talk show hosts, actors, anchors, producers, and hunky sex symbols it’s time for you to let go and accept two things. 1. The fact that you are the stars of yesterday and 2. the only way for you to shine brighter than before is to build opportunities for those following your lead. Seriously stop taking pay cuts to be in movies and commercials that should go to new talent. Stop producing movies with the same old cast members… and for God’s sake stop getting on television and crying to what’s left of your fan base about why you can’t accomplish your next goal. The biggest challenge to long term stability for rappers is the fact that their audiences grow up. There are people building companies, inventions and technology with nothing. Surely you can take your name  and royalty checks and start a company teaching and investing in people in your industry.

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#LivingSugarFree Voice of The People

If you wonder whether art imitates life or vice versa, you can discover the answer by watching how we chose our favorites; especially during times of diversity. We have lots of choices of styles and genres. The best rapper of the year and the top song of the year are both caucasian and talking about keeping it, real, being frugal and having fun in the process… now that’s #LivingSugarFree and why they both happen to be two of my favorite songs.

Grammy winner for rap artist of the year, Macklemore hated all over the game by blowing up from a song about thrift store shopping and old dusty clothes.

Lorde came on the scene even more in your face by mocking the chase for bling. She broke every rule according to Rolling Stone Magazine and still took home best song of the year at the Grammy’s.

I think it’s clear where the voice of the people lies. To ignore this from a political, religious or business perspective would be foolish and costly.

Human beings have always expressed themselves through music and when an unknown rises, it’s a good idea to check out their message. Whether you consider the artist, the writers, producers, or fans who supported it. There is a common voice.

If you’re an artist and this point is lost on you, probably start with the other blog I wrote today “You Might Be a Celebrity PorchMonkey” because you’ve forgotten how to exercise that voice. People start out hungry and sincere and then become comfortable complainers.

New and young talent with a voice is awesome and dangerous for many because they get almost anything they want without the proper tools, training and hard knocks. Then many forget their initial voice which was for liberty and freedom.

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Bullying Is Not A Personality Style It’s Bad Manners

Do you know the difference between your habits and your personality?

Have you developed your personality beyond your relationships? Who are you when no one else is around? Once you’re comfortable with that you, being yourself in relationships and being accepted by others will come naturally without effort.

When you make a plea to be accepted as you are, be sure you’re not dumping the extra wait of unecessary criticism on people. Being a bully, playing the dozens or otherwise making fun of people is not a personality trait. It’s a bad habit. You are the one who is not accepting of others if you make fun of them or constantly boss them around. Allowing other people to think for themselves is acceptance. Further more you are creating a hostile environment when you cause others to walk on eggshells for fear of ridicule. You don’t get to tell the person being ostracized to get over it. You are violating their human rights whether your comments violate their civil rights or not.

Yes this is a free country and you can say whatever you want. But people don’t have to like it or you. Freedom of speech goes outside the relm of relationship. If you want to do whatever the law will allow than you aren’t really concerned with social acceptance and so just be prepared for the consequences. (See this blog on bullying for more http://wp.me/p43r2l-O)

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You’re Not #LivingSugarFree If You’re A Bully

#TurnUpTuesday #BulliesandHaters get no energy. This post can help lots of folks reading it right now in various situations, once you figure out which shoe fits.

No one knows if I’m talking to you but you! If you get mad, I’m definitely talking to you. image

If you are a client or friend and get emotional, start calling names and twisting my words, I stop talking. No human or the spirits tormenting them, will ever steal my joy!

To a logical person (logic is an actual discipline, don’t throw the word around loosely), your point does not become more valid because you add, we talked about you and Johnny agrees.” LOL!!! If anything your opinion is now less valid.

There are laws of debate and logic (Google it, I’m not teaching that lesson here) like everything else. Getting caught up in your own feelings does not make the other person wrong or evil. Watch your mouth lest you reveal your own underlying frustrations, hate and jealousy.

My ability to remain calm and strategically raise my voice when physically threatened comes from dealing with bullies. I’m good at it, from years of survival and many more years of learning how to rise above it. Read the book Blink, if you want to learn to not judge intent or integrity by tone of voice. Many people get angry because I talk directly to them regardless of what comes out of their mouth… it’s because I’m always listening, even when you forget to clean it up.

At the point you threaten someone, attack them, lie on them, etc. your feelings are not my priority. If you want me to care about your feelings and not show you my pitbull skills, don’t try to bully me or anyone else around me. I’m true to my brand, beliefs and philosophy so I’m consistant with my words. I don’t hold grudges because I address issues immediately. I am the Sugar Free Coach, all the time. It’s not just a brand, the brand is who I am.

Don’t claim to learn from me and think I’m logical, wise and a social entrepreneur and then call me names because I stepped on your toes. That’s my job as a coach… and I’m faithful with it on your worst days and best. If you can’t receive it from me on your bad days (which many folks don’t even admit to having), with my reputation of “trust, honesty and getting to the root of a matter,” who do you receive it from? No one?

This behavior is sadly typical and if you act like this, you probably do it to everyone at some point. They just don’t say anything because you’re a bully. Calling names to get your point across, judging others who aren’t like you, and bullying are never okay… whether you realize you do it, or are conscious of it, or not. Sadly what you have done is condition your loved ones to take it from everyone else, possibly stunting their growth and success, as well as your own in the long run.

Your only solution…
Stop trying to tell others what to do or how to be, unless they ask (avoid even the subtleties of sucking your teeth, rolling your eyes, being smug, or plotting your revenge just because they didn’t do it your way or please you)… and if you’re around me, don’t ask me to help unless you’re ready to receive (this also means gossiping, complaining around me, sounding annoyed or otherwise going on and on about what irritates you when others are working on solutions). I mean you can do whatever you want, but you can’t control my response.

News flash, life is tough for me too. Only I don’t piss and moan about it, or refuse to act because it’s too hard. However I do refuse to entertain drama while rising above it. That’s a no brainer. Have you ever tried to help someone solve a problem and suddenly you become the center of their frustration? This is a common disfunction… caused by blaming others for internal issues.

If I give solutions or try to reason with you and you don’t receive it, I will shut up… unless you take it as an opportunity to attack me, lie, try and bully me, call me names, or say I think I know everything. I will address why you are in my presence, pretending to think I’m wise counsel, using me as such when it suits you, and waiting for an opportunity to say otherwise?

I know why, but I’d rather give you the opportunity to self discover than to call you a hater. If self discovery is not an option, I remove myself and let you self destruct. It’s all good if we’re not birds of a feather. You don’t have to agree with me, or talk to me, cause I’m not a bully. See how that works?

…and yes this too is #LivingSugarFree

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#LivingSugarFree PSA: These Are Not Entry Level Careers

#LivingSugarFree PSA:
These Are Not Entry Level Careers

1. Coach
2. President
3. Mayor
4. Doctor
5. Speaker
6. Counselor
7. Pastor
8. Consultant
9. Producer
10. Governor
11. Judge
12. Therapist
13. Guru
14. Sage
15. Sansai

Taking advice, supporting, endorsing or otherwise investing in people with these titles?

If so, you better damn well know what they did before and if they were any good at it. Not to mention their reputation for service and integrity.

I could have made the list shorter to avoid redundency or longer to make it dumby proof. But I think you get the point.

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In The Right Place At The Right Time! | #HumpdayShift

#LivingSugarFree #TXNL

Shake it up, shake it off and keep it movin’!

The Sugar Free Coach is always in exactly the the right place at exactly the right time…

Wondering how? Here are a few best practices:

1. Don’t worry about folks’ opinions … especially bullys.  

So what if they call you weird & scary!

2. Do you!

Embrace your weirdness and do something scary.

3. Love your haters…  

From a distance if necessary, and with rebuke when prompted.

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