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You Don’t Really Believe All That Positive Motivation Stuff, Do You?

If you believe that everyone should embrace their weirdness, don’t accept limitations, stand up for what’s good and true, and only focus on the positive…

How come so many of you spend so much time downplaying or flat out insulting those who are different? Then trying to get me and other people to tone it down, don’t ask too many questions, don’t set the record straight, don’t take it personal when cultural lies are perpetuated, or point out when even you have said something totally offensive or untrue? Freedom of speach was meant to protect us and the truth; not to be an aid to bullying, prejudice and discrimination.

Not guilty? Well did you tell your click that they were being bullies when they did it or just watch? I’ve only seen one man display this type of courage. Now he’s an outsider, oh I noticed.
It’s an honest question and I know I’ve struck a nerve because according to Klout I’m in the top 10% of social media users. Now if that’s the case then my experience could be perceived as normal or better than average. If I get attacked by influencers who should know better, then how many other people like me experience the same thing or worse from your followers? Sadly the influencers are teaching their audiences how to keep up the same old exclusivity, racial stereotypes, and passive aggressive discussions that have plagued corporate America since integration. White women and minority males are among the worst culprits (trying to fit in at all costs)… But this doesn’t exclude sexist comments.

I was part of the Army’s initiative on sensitivity training, I’ve helped with diversity in schools and corporations… I think I know by now the symptoms and conditions that cause a hostile work environment. Guess what, this is our work environment… especially for those of you claiming to be brand builders, managers and ambassadors. Would you share porn or racist cartoons at a networking event in your office?

How can you be quick to tell someone who doesn’t look like you and has completely different experiences that they couldn’t possibly know what they’re talking about in a very insulting manner unless you have a slight case of bias? Don’t want to admit it? That’s your prerogative and just means you’re weak, defensive and not ready to be all that you can be.

Leaders help others grow by embracing their own lessons. We don’t know we need a lesson until we get it… So how are you so certain you don’t need one? How do you know racism, if you’re not the one being targeted unless you listen?

The older I get, the more I remember and notice how much has not really changed. If I do nothing, then I am no leader and not living my purpose. I am not an activist, lobbyist, or a political fighter. I simply address issues that come into my lane to address. I believe those were given to me, to do my part. If you can’t take it from me, as one of the least racially conscious people I know, you have serious issues and are perpetuating the problem.

Being a passive aggressive bully that makes people around you and across social media afraid to speak up for truth against injustice, discrimination and unfair treatment is more disgusting than being a flat out racist. You pretend to care but make the way clear for violence and atrocities to be committed while trying to convince the person who deals with it that it’s in their mind; and who do they think they are to ask for better? If you truly want to be a person who avoids conflict, stay out of it and mind your own business if that’s all you care about.

Actively trying to deny the rights of a person who is different than you from expressing the reality of their situation, perspective and experience, plain and simple disqualifies you from being a coach, leader, mentor, or authority of any kind. If I see it I will make sure you don’t get any extra influence points off me.

Oh, who am I? I’m the first at many things, degreed online and off (for you haters), an infantry soldier, a northerner and southerner, born abroad, with mixed ancestry, friends of all races and nationalities, excelled at many great jobs and walked away to start a community organization… and I’m a brown skinned Native American female over 40 who truly believes in embracing your weirdness and freedom for all. I’m qualified to speak on the subject… and coach on it. Don’t know where to begin? Ask for help, it’s worth it.

Let’s discuss it…éaRaquel


How to Regain Control of Your Online Information

Wondering why everyone is asking you to add their business page to your newsfeed? I hope you will add mine after reading this.

We’ve discovered that even if you like your best friend’s Facebook Page page, you may never see their posts. Sometimes even a search comes up empty. That’s Facebook maintaining their shareholder value.

They have their agenda, but you do have options. Take control of your information and communication by managing your newsfeeds.

When you joined Facebook and most other social sites you may have had a few familiar faces to follow, but more than likely you filled your newsfeed with all familiar brands. Well now with the paid Marketing features, that’s all you see.

Take control, support family and friends, and keep FB from going the way of Ma Bell by unfollowing the brands that you’re sick of being bombarded by. Then follow friends, family, favorites and local brands. You do this by hovering over the LIKE button and adding tthem to your newsfeed or favorites. This will make your newsfeed relevant to you and not just targeted at you. There’s a new star button on Twitter now that hopefully will give the same result.

Let’s discuss it…éaRaquel

Can Music Lead To Better Race Relations?

I’m gonna beat this horse until I get tired…

To each his own and all that crap. You can like whatever music you want. But what you can’t do is get away with saying things like “rap and country should never mix.” Why not pray tell???

Do you realize you just disregarded a whole culture of folks??? Not that you care if you go around saying things like this; but here are people who fit nicely between the two worlds and naturally merge them together. Yeah you know, the ones you rarely hear about in the media. The black duck dynasty types, the brown skinned Paula Deens, the Charlie Prides… believe it or not there’s lots of country, good old boy non-white folks. Quit acting like all hillbillies are racist and all black folks sag their pants. It’s a very limited view of reality and it is untrue. Just stop already!

SMDH!!! Here’s an article for those who need to hear the long version of why because I don’t have the time or energy to rehash all the ridiculous racial faux pas I here and see daily online…

Those who actually care will read and get a major lesson from Sunny’s article. Feel free to ask questions of her or me.

Check out my tweet @SugarFreeCoach’s regarding the release of Achy Breaky heart with Billy Ray Cyrus and Buck 22:

Let’s discuss it…éaRaquel

#LivingSugarFree Delicious Klout Perks from Hersheys and Ricola | I promised a follow-up.

On December 12th I posted a video that included my perks from @Klout. I got a whole box of cough drops from @Ricola (in a talking box), the regular and extra strength, and a jar of Hershey’s chocolate spread. I joked in the video about not needing the drops and not eating the spread. I promised to follow up to prove to everyone that I was not going to get sick this winter.

Well it’s now February and as promised I did not eat the entire jar of chocolate spread; but I have indulged a bit. It is almost three quarters of the way full… I don’t need to prove it with pictures do I? I only ask because the comments from the recipients of the Klout perk were basically saying that they opened the package and ate the whole jar with no utensils. I believe them, it is that good. But as I said, I am a trained professional and you should not try this at home if you are addicted to sugar… and most of you are. I have had it on toast, crackers and popcorn so far. It’s fun to just see what it will taste good on.

As for the Ricola, I did use them, quite a bit. I kept them in my pocket and every time someone started hacking around me I whipped out a couple and gave my speal about choosing the natural option and avoiding sugar until they were better. My sister @SimplyDenise also gave me the idea to drop one in a cup of hot tea, and it was a hit. Just the right amount of sweet and a nice menthol kick to open up your sinus (peppermint tea and we also add garlic and lemon). Then guess what, they sent me more, with a little travel tin. I still have two whole bags of cough drops.

So a special shout out to Klout (I talk bad about the reporting, but the perks are oh so awesome). Shout out to Hershey’s even though you tried to take me out this winter, I enjoyed and am still enjoying this lovely treat. But mad props and big ups to Ricola for making me the feel better fairy and not just the soap box preacher. I will probably buy more and keep the tradition going since I have a little carry box now.

If this was even remotely funny to you, watch the video and see my mom, sister and I carry on about that darn jar of chocolate. It’s already in stores and luckily it’s not cheap. So if you dare, just remember moderation for your health and your budget… and for those who don’t really know what moderation is, that’s no more than a teaspoon at a time.

#ThrowbackThursday Before The Internet

I thought it would be funny. Silence, the sound of not hearing my opinion, getting shout outs or feeling the #LivingSugarFree love oozing from the other side of the world (as in before the Internet).

I was 35 in 2007 when I set out to build a brand online. Before that I had only done desktop publishing, worked with company clouds and communicated with tech savvy friends via chat. Bankers were not encouraged to use the Internet for business beyond research. Even in as an Army Public Affairs Specialist my work was within the Intranet.

Now a simple light hearted post has turned into a blog. Because as a researcher I had to document the experience. I make a point of not having a mobile phone surgically attached to me, so I am perhaps less likely to go long periods of time being totally unplugged. I never feel the need to unplug because I only ever feel semi-plugged in. I’m also a bit of an introvert so digital communication is my comfort zone.
Of course I did my normal unplug, peeking here and there after the third hour. Then I put on a Netflix movie (via Internet) because I can only focus with background noise or when multitasking. After realizing what was going on, I started this blog (via Internet because I wasn’t going to write it then upload, that’s an extra step I eliminated long ago). It occured to me, I often unplug from social media but unplugging from the Internet totally, that’s another story. It was a real challenge because I’m so connected and efficient.

It just reinforced my theory that it is all about the people, community, society… not the technolog y itself. The media puts the focus on technology as do the experts and industry folks selling hardware, apps and cloud space. But the reason I had trouble unplugging is because I had not intended to unplug from humanity today. I have those days and ironically they are not Internet free either because those are the best days to dig deep into technology tasks.

It really wasn’t a throwback to before the Internet after all (before somedia maybe) and I hope I never really have to. Is technology making us less social? I can only speak for myself, but the answer is a resounding no. The last 12 hours of silence is how social I was before the Internet… cricket, cricket, cricket.

Let’s discuss it…éaRaquel

#LivingSugarFree PSA: These Are Not Entry Level Careers

#LivingSugarFree PSA:
These Are Not Entry Level Careers

1. Coach
2. President
3. Mayor
4. Doctor
5. Speaker
6. Counselor
7. Pastor
8. Consultant
9. Producer
10. Governor
11. Judge
12. Therapist
13. Guru
14. Sage
15. Sansai

Taking advice, supporting, endorsing or otherwise investing in people with these titles?

If so, you better damn well know what they did before and if they were any good at it. Not to mention their reputation for service and integrity.

I could have made the list shorter to avoid redundency or longer to make it dumby proof. But I think you get the point.

Let’s discuss it…éaRaquel

Talking Over Your Own Head | You Might Be A PorchMonkey

#LivingSugarFree #PMPSA:

I understand that the only business some folks have online is to ride on the content of others and that’s okay. But you look like an idiot if you comment on a post, blog or send a private message criticizing someone  or worse attempting to educate them, because of a post they made to spark discussion. You will look like a bigger idiot, if you did it cowardly in secret and they make your post public.

Not only that (and you probably don’t care about this or you wouldn’t be doing it this way)… giving unsolicited, unfounded advice can be very dangerous. How do you know if your advice will help or hurt if you have no foundation for it except your own bias and opinion?


If you don’t understand Marketing and/or business in general, let me help you.
Either play along for the sake of discussion, be supportive, ad value, or keep your mouth shut and avoid looking like a fool.

International networking:
Do u think or just talk when dealing with various cultures & languages? Pause if u don’t get it, translate, and think or ask. The jokes is always on you if you’re rude and then wrong due to language barrier and assumptions. The real tip here is don’t try to loard yourself over strangers just because you think they will take it.

Welcome to Living Sugar Free, it’s tight but it’s right.

That is all.

Let’s discuss it…éaRaquel