#LivingSugarFree Delicious Klout Perks from Hersheys and Ricola | I promised a follow-up.

On December 12th I posted a video that included my perks from @Klout. I got a whole box of cough drops from @Ricola (in a talking box), the regular and extra strength, and a jar of Hershey’s chocolate spread. I joked in the video about not needing the drops and not eating the spread. I promised to follow up to prove to everyone that I was not going to get sick this winter.

Well it’s now February and as promised I did not eat the entire jar of chocolate spread; but I have indulged a bit. It is almost three quarters of the way full… I don’t need to prove it with pictures do I? I only ask because the comments from the recipients of the Klout perk were basically saying that they opened the package and ate the whole jar with no utensils. I believe them, it is that good. But as I said, I am a trained professional and you should not try this at home if you are addicted to sugar… and most of you are. I have had it on toast, crackers and popcorn so far. It’s fun to just see what it will taste good on.

As for the Ricola, I did use them, quite a bit. I kept them in my pocket and every time someone started hacking around me I whipped out a couple and gave my speal about choosing the natural option and avoiding sugar until they were better. My sister @SimplyDenise also gave me the idea to drop one in a cup of hot tea, and it was a hit. Just the right amount of sweet and a nice menthol kick to open up your sinus (peppermint tea and we also add garlic and lemon). Then guess what, they sent me more, with a little travel tin. I still have two whole bags of cough drops.

So a special shout out to Klout (I talk bad about the reporting, but the perks are oh so awesome). Shout out to Hershey’s even though you tried to take me out this winter, I enjoyed and am still enjoying this lovely treat. But mad props and big ups to Ricola for making me the feel better fairy and not just the soap box preacher. I will probably buy more and keep the tradition going since I have a little carry box now.

If this was even remotely funny to you, watch the video and see my mom, sister and I carry on about that darn jar of chocolate. It’s already in stores and luckily it’s not cheap. So if you dare, just remember moderation for your health and your budget… and for those who don’t really know what moderation is, that’s no more than a teaspoon at a time.


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